Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer, Lusted Over by Leno

Porsche may have built the 918 Spyder, but Singer offers something equally special.

Before shipping the car to Dubai, Singer Vehicle Design took its latest custom-built 911 to Jay Leno's Garage to show the Denim Chin what the perfect Porsche looks and drives like. From its carbon-fiber bodywork and race seats, to the close ratio six-speed gearbox, Ohlins suspension and normally-aspirated air-cooled flat-six engine that's been heavily massaged to 360-horsepower by Singer with help from Cosworth, this is a car that's had 4,000 man hours put into it.

Calling it a labor of love doesn't do the Porsche 911 restored and restyled by Singer justice.This is the work of a borderline fanatic, and the result is a rolling work of art with the capacity to take on most modern supercars.

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