Porsche 911's Off-Road Rally Past Reexamined

Makes us wonder if Porsche is up to something awesome.

With Porsche supposedly set to debut a Safari off-roader 911 concept at the Beijing Auto Show in April, the automaker is now taking a trip down memory lane as it looks back on the 953 that raced at Dakar in 1984. This new video highlights the car driven by the one and only Jackie Ickx at the 1984 Dakar Rally. While it may look like an old 911 from the outside, the Porsche 953 was really a heavily modified 911 specifically built for Dakar, and it was actually the precursor to the iconic 959.

The 953 came equipped with a manually controlled four-wheel drive system and powered by a flat-six that made 300 horsepower. All told, the car weighed just 2,750 lbs. So will there be a new 21st century 911 off-roader? Oh yes, please.

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