Porsche 911 Safari Looks Right At Home In The Snow

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The off-roading 911 unwinds on a ski trip ahead of its forthcoming arrival.

The Porsche 911 is the ideal car for any condition. Come rain or shine, the rear-engined sports car has evolved into such a usable product that it's now equally at home on a race track or a traffic jam. But even when fitted with all-wheel-drive, the low-slung German isn't suited to tackling gravel or snow-laden roads - its one weakness. To remedy this, Zuffenhausen's finest have been hard at work, developing what's known as the 911 Safari.

We've seen the high-riding 911 before, carving up corners at the Nurburgring. We've also seen the Safari put through its paces in cold conditions, but it looks like Porsche is still putting the final touches on its off-roading sports car. New footage of the Safari gives us a good look at what the production variant will look like as it frolics in the snow.

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The upcoming model still wears the 911's iconic styling, with a few changes to mark it out as a unique model. Raised ride height aside, the Safari (or Dakar, as some are speculating) receives distinctive bumpers front and rear, along with a rather tasty-looking rear wing. Broadened rear fenders lend a hint of menace. Porsche is remaining mum on the subject but, based on the engine noise from the video, it will gain motivation from the delightful twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter flat-six.

In the video, the off-road 911 thunders up and down the same snow-covered lane, followed closely by several black-painted Cayenne Coupes and Panameras. We don't get to see much sideways action, but toward the end of the video, the Safari driver plants the throttle. Impressively, there's minimal fuss and the Porsche tracks straight and true.

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Now due for its mid-life facelift, the 911 range has been spotted several times with various styling enhancements. The Safari/Dakar model will likely debut, along with a Hybrid model, when the updated model is revealed. CarBuzz has previously reported that the Safari should arrive sometime in 2023, giving Porsche fans something to look forward to.

Porsche's vice president of 911 and 718 model lines has already said the 911 won't spawn a fully electric model anytime soon, giving 911 lovers across the world a good few years with their treasured sports cars. The hybrid model does, however, signify that the brand is having to adapt somewhat, but it could also be a strategy to appeal to even more customers. Along with the Hybrid, we're delighted the off-roading variant will be joining the range, as it looks like great fun. Hopefully, as Porsche continues to develop its synthetic fuel, the need for an electric 911 will fall away altogether.

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