Porsche 911 Turbo Gets Exquisite Carlex Interior Conversion

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Say hello to the 911 Turbo Racing Green Edition, a gorgeous showcase of luxury customization.

These days, luxury cars are more spectacular than ever. It's rare to find something from a major manufacturer that is not well put together, but somehow, Porsche finds a way to outshine many of its rivals with outstanding design, build quality, and materials. But even Porsches can be improved.

While some tuners choose to increase performance or fit wild and wacky body kits, Carlex Design specializes in creating a luxury cabin like no other. The Polish outfit is also capable of designing an impressive exterior, and on the Porsche 911 Turbo you see below, both aspects of the car have been upgraded far beyond what they offered as standard.

Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design

Carlex calls this the Racing Green Edition, and the reasoning behind that name is abundantly evident. The car has been finished in a mesmerizing emerald green hue that has been 100% hand-brushed. With light shining on the paintwork, it shimmers with subtle glitter. The company's own forged three-piece wheels also appear, and these are finished in the same verdant shade, while copper-colored brake calipers add some contrast and tease what lies within the cabin. But before we get there, just drink in the exterior - this looks brilliant. We can also spy an Akrapovic exhaust system, so the owner's arrival certainly won't go unnoticed.

Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design

Open the door and you are greeted by luscious leather in a light chocolate brown shade. Bottle green leather inserts add some more pizzazz, but it's the upholstery that truly captures the imagination. Cross-stitching, perforation, and contrasting colors help elevate the regular seats to new heights, and the Carlex logo in the headrests and script in the upper back supports are subtle, classy reminders of whose work this is. The steering wheel is especially noteworthy, with a two-tone finish and large perforations. The roof lining has been attended to as well and is now finished in brown Alcantara. If that's not enough, even the car key has been customized to match the body of the sports coupe.

Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design

Additionally, the design house has created bespoke luggage for the commissioner of this project. This comes in green and features carbon-lookalike accents with silver highlights. Every single one of the car's touchpoints has been upgraded to look and feel better, and the finish of the paint is truly unique.

Unsurprisingly, no pricing has been revealed for such an extensive conversion, but with such exquisite detail and craftsmanship, it's safe to assume that the person who ordered this upgrade wasn't short on cash. It's not often that a Porsche 911's quality can be improved, but with this build, Carlex has exceeded expectations.

Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design Carlex Design

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