Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series Goes Topless


An ultra-rare version of an already very rare 911.

The Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series is the limited-edition range-topper that elevates the subdued lines of the standard car to something more befitting a vehicle capable of taking on rivals from McLaren and Ferrari. Even in base 370 horsepower form, the Porsche 911 is a fast car so the 607-hp power output of the Exclusive Series Turbo S may seem like complete overkill. But in a world of 600 hp+ super sedans, it is just the right amount for customers willing to part with $300,000 for one of these.

Up until now, the 500-unit production run was thought to consist solely of hardtop models, yet Facebook user Salento V12 recently spotted a convertible version prowling the streets of Lecce in Italy.

It may be that a particularly enterprising 911 Turbo S owner carried out the conversion themselves but judging from the images it does not seem to be an aftermarket job. Everything from the golden yellow metallic paintwork to the unique wheels and body kit are as you would find on the hardtop version.

It is entirely possible that one of the original customers commissioned the Porsche Exclusive team to build them a one-off convertible. After all, Porsche does claim to personalize vehicles to whatever a customer may desire.

There may well be a few more convertible Exclusive Series convertibles driving about but with such a small number on the road it may be a while till another one is spotted. Porsche has also just announced that it will extend the production run by a further 200 units for the US market. Great news for those that couldn't nab one from the first batch of cars. All you need now is the $300,000 asking price.


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