Porsche 911 Vandalized On Camera – And It's More Bizarre Than Painful

Is this guy slow, drunk and stupid, or is he fighting for a good cause?

It's never easy to watch somebody's car get vandalized – whether it’s a vengeful ex smashing in the windshield or just some foolish kid keying the paint just to be an ass. But this video, depicting the very slow and very obnoxious attack on a Porsche 911 in broad daylight, in front of the vandal's friend and several passersby, just seems strange. Is the guy too scared to get on with what he's doing, or is he too drunk to figure out how to effectively destroy the car? We hate to see this beautiful car getting damaged, but if you're going to do it – just get on with it.

And as much as we all hate car defilers, should it matter that the 911 in question is apparently owned by Czech musician Daniel Landa, who has been involved in controversies regarding racism and has often been accused of displaying Nazi salutes at his shows?

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