Porsche 911R Fights Nissan GT-R In A Battle For Analogue vs Digital

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The age old question analogue or digital, is addressed using today's hottest cars.

Alex Goy is back at it again, this time behind the wheel of two new cars that, at least on paper, appear to have the latest tech that the automotive world has to offer. Thing is, despite being the newer of the two models, the Porsche 911 R in this comparison is the "analogue" of the two cars. The Nissan GT-R on the other hand, already ten years old and looking like it needs a replacement, is the technologically savvy car here. Odd as it may seem, that's not exactly too far out of line.

Porsche made its name defying physics and building cars that felt natural and spry on the road despite having their engines over the rear axle. In the performance world, Nissan surprised all when it debuted one of the most technologically reliant cars the world had seen, but the recipe simply worked.

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The only reason the 911R gets as much credibility as it does is because of it's six speed manual gearbox, but as Goy points out, that's not the only thing that contributes to its old fashioned ways. For one, it's interior is devoid of an air conditioner or a radio and sound system, further proving that supercar speculators who paid seven figure sums to own a 911R were suckered out of their hard-earned money. And even with its technologically savvy ways, the GT-R is the cheaper of the two cars. As usual, the winner can only partially be determined objectively through lap times. The other determinant relies all on the right side of the brain.

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