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Porsche 917 Le Mans Winner Up Close

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The iconic Porsche 917 Le Mans race car and its driver come together again for an exclusive and special event.

The Classics at the Castle Porsche Festival is one place we all want to be for plenty of good reasons. One of those is this 917 Le Mans racer which gave the German automaker its first outright win at the classic 24 hour endurance race back in 1970. Number 23's driver, Richard Attwood, was also on hand at the beautiful Hedingham Castle's grounds, and in this latest video from Porsche, he reminisces about his historic win and how his old race car is still a familiar face to him after all these years.

The iconic classic is powered by a 4.5-liter flat-12, the first engine of this type produced by Porsche. True to the automaker's form, it utilized advanced technology for its time with engine components constructed from titanium, magnesium and other lightweight alloys.

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To keep the car as compact as possible, the driver was positioned so far forward that his feet rested in front of the front wheel axle. The video is definitely worth watching for Porsche lovers as well as anyone interested in Le Mans racing history.