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Porsche 917 LH is Le Mans Tripping Acid

Looks like Porsche was turning on, tuning in, dropping out and winning in the '70s.

FYI: "LH" stands for "Long Tail," a truly unique look to this day. And if you’re familiar with endurance racing history, that’s the description given to those old Porsches that tore up the Le Mans circuit four decades ago. Just ahead of Porsche’s big Le Mans return, there’s been plenty of renewed interest in the brand’s racing history, a huge chunk of which can be attributed to the 917 LH. With its air-cooled flat-12 engine that produced nearly 600 horsepower, the car tips the scales at less than 2,000 lbs.

Top speed is 240 mph and just five examples were built. This is one of them. And yes, it’s got a paint job that could potentially cause an altered state of mind.

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