Porsche 918 Spyder Smashes Nurburgring Record

We knew it was quick, but a 6:57 Ring lap time is phenomenal.

After finally unveiling its 918 Spyder, Porsche has decided to give us something new to talk about by announcing it has smashed the Nurburgring lap record by posting a time of 6:57 at an average speed of 111 mph. According to the carmaker, on September 4 legendary former rally champion Walter Rohrl was joined by Porsche test drivers Timo Kluck and Marc Lieb in attempting to set a new world record at Green Hell in the hybrid hypercar.

All three drivers broke the existing record for a street-legal production car of 7:12 set by the Dodge Viper ACR in 2011, but it was Lieb’s time of 6:57 that was the quickest. With the new benchmark now set, it’s over to you McLaren.

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