Porsche 959 Was the Carmaker’s Original Supercar

This is the 918 Spyder's granddaddy.

The Porsche 918 Spyder is the German marque’s current poster child, and before that the Carrera GT was on every self-respecting teenage gearhead’s bedroom wall. But it was the 959 that began Porsche’s occasional wild departure from its rear-engined tried-and-tested formula. The 959 came about so Porsche could partake in the Group B rally series. The homologation special was one of the most advanced cars of the Eighties, with fewer than 400 units hitting the roads.

Tucked away in the 959’s gorgeous rear end, a twin-turbo flat-six sends power to all four wheels and for a brief time this was the fastest car in the world. XCar was fortunate to spend some time with a model borrowed from the Porsche museum, providing details of its history and some lustworthy driving action. Check it out.

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