Porsche Accidentally Leaked The New Cayenne's Design

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The new Porsche Cayenne's design has been leaked by… the Porsche Cayenne itself.

Porsche revealed the comprehensively upgraded interior of the facelifted Porsche Cayenne a couple of days ago as it builds up to the SUV's international debut on 18 April, but now we have what appears to be our first clear look at the new exterior thanks to some images that were spotted on the infotainment screen.

Thanks to cochespias1 and wilcoblok on Instagram, screenshots were shared of the vehicle's exterior, and there is just enough detail in these fuzzy pictures to pick out some of the changes. The new face sports redesigned headlight clusters with a less rounded contour than before, while the lighting signature has also been changed with dual horizontal bars. However, a few test mules shared by Porsche earlier this year gave us a clearer look at these headlights, and the DRLs are actually four slim horizontal bars, not two, correlating with the new four-cluster LED projectors.

cochespias1 and wilcoblok/Instagram
cochespias1 and wilcoblok/Instagram

Those horizontal bars in the headlights are mirrored lower down, where the grille and air intake area also features more defined horizontal bars. Besides these changes, it also looks like the hood has been slightly tweaked.

More changes await at the rear of the Cayenne, where the individual taillight clusters of the pre-facelift model have now converged into a cleaner, full-width light bar, a design cue that has become very popular in recent years. By comparison, the older Cayenne had a thin horizontal light strip that joined the two taillight clusters.

Overall, the exterior changes effectively update the Cayenne, which couldn't be further removed from the capable but awkwardly styled first-generation model.


The exterior changes remain more subtle than what has been achieved in the cabin, where the Cayenne has become the first ICE Porsche model to do away with the iconic analog center tachometer in favor of a new digital one. A new steering wheel from the 911 and an optional display on the passenger side are further changes, and Porsche says that the new layout enhances the perception of spaciousness.

Referring to the new Cayenne as a facelifted model doesn't entirely do it justice, though, as the SUV will come with a revised chassis and three plug-in hybrid models. After this heavily enhanced Cayenne's production run concludes, it will be replaced by the fully electric Cayenne EV as the automaker gradually switches to electric powertrains.


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