Porsche Acquires Team ANDIAL

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America's premier Porsche endurance racing team is bought out by the factory.

Porsche is one of the most successful manufacturers in all of motorsport. It has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans more than any other company. Same goes for Sebring, Daytona, the Targa Florio and a variety of other endurance races. But while some automakers score their victories with factory-backed teams, most of Porsche's come through independent teams.One of the most successful is ANDIAL, a California-based team founded by a trio who worked at a Porsche dealership together. Now Porsche has taken over the team, bringing it in house.

Founded in 1975 by Arnold Wagner, Dieter Inzenhofer and Alwin Springer, ANDIAL has taken championships in IMSA, SCCA, Pikes Peak and Daytona using Stuttgart's finest. These days, with one of the founding partners having passed away, another retiring this year and the third still overseeing the outfit, ANDIAL has become something of a small tuning and restoration outfit. And Porsche has just announced that it's taking it over. There's no word at this point as to what Porsche will do with the ANDIAL name and operations, exactly, but with the German automaker stepping up its endurance-racing activities, this could only bode well.

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