Porsche Agrees To Build Engines For Singer

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Made to the boutique company's exact specifications.

We think it's safe to say that every automotive enthusiast out there wants a Singer 911. There's much to love about Singer's products. The tweaked engines, the old-school driving experience, and the insane attention to detail.

We've heard various descriptions of Singers over the years, but James May gave the world the aptest description we've heard so far. "It's a love letter to a car," said May.

The thing is, we've never really known how ze Germans responded to said love letter. It didn't appreciate the ACS off-roader, so did it rip the letter apart while angrily yelling "nein" at the skies above Stuttgart?

Apparently, Porsche approves. Top Gear is reporting that Porsche Motorsport North America will assemble engines for Singer from now on. Not just that, but it will build engines according to Singer's exact specifications.

Singer Vehicle Design Singer Vehicle Design Singer Vehicle Design Singer Vehicle Design

This gives us the most unambiguous indication yet that Porsche is indeed a big fan of Singer's work, not that we're surprised. If we had a high-paying job at Porsche, we'd have a modern 911 for the weekly commute and a Singer DLS to play around with over the weekend.

This is huge news. Porsche arguably makes the most intoxicating engine currently in existence, bolted to the rear of the 911 GT3.

To build engines to the specification of a third-party manufacturer is unheard of and a massive compliment to Singer.

Porsche says that "the new collaboration focuses exclusively on the assembly of remanufactured engines". While Singer confirmed that: "The characteristics of the engines - very much at the core of every Singer car - will continue to be defined by Singer's specification."

Courtesy Singer Vehicle Design Singer Collectors Garage Collectors Garage

The contract details between Singer and Porsche aren't publicly available yet, but we know it will be limited to US cars. This deal obviously includes remanufactured engines but could also include existing and upcoming engines.

Singer has only manufactured naturally aspirated engines to date, but this might be the prime opportunity to go turbocharged finally. The engines will be assembled at Porsche Motorsport's American headquarters in LA at the Porsche Experience Center.

With Porsche now being open to sharing with Singer, we can't help but wonder what magnificent Singer/Porsche collaborations we can look forward to in the future. Or, indeed, if Porsche has plans to make a move for Singer at some point in the future. Watch this space.

Singer Vehicle Design Singer Vehicle Design Singer Vehicle Design Singer Vehicle Design

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