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Porsche Already Boosting Taycan Production

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Zuffenhausen's received more orders than expected for its first EV.

Porsche is gearing up to put the Taycan into production. But even before the first unit has rolled off the line sometime in the middle of the new year ahead, the manufacturer is already planning to build more than it originally projected. And it's all due to popular demand.

Motor Trend reports that the German automaker has already taken so many early reservations for its first fully electric vehicle that it's expanding production beyond the 20,000 it initially targeted to build each year. And the added capacity will be split between the sedan and forthcoming Cross Turismo versions.

"Due to the positive response, we will adjust this number upwards, especially since the Cross Turismo as the first derivative of the Taycan got the green light for the series," Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told the German business publication WirtschaftsWoche, as cited by MT.

Fortunately, the new facility that Porsche has built at its headquarters in Zuffenhausen to handle Taycan assembly is already prepared to ramp up production. "We took the decision to build a new paint shop and assembly area as we firmly believe the Taycan has the potential to sell more than just 20,000 units per year," said production chief Albrecht Reimold.

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"The new manufacturing facility gives us the requisite flexibility for the future," continued Reimold in the recent press release.

Stemming from the Mission E project, the Taycan will be a four-door sedan, sized smaller than the Panamera and powered entirely by electric motors – over 600 horsepower's worth. That's already more than any road car Porsche offers currently, short of the 700-hp 911 GT2 RS and 671-hp Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. The more rugged Cross Turismo wagon will be the first of numerous additional variants we can expect to follow.