Porsche And Audi Are Both Making EVs: How Will They Be Different?

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The EVs from Audi and Porsche should be very different.

Porsche has teased us with the Mission E concept, and Audi has shown of an all-electric version of the R8, and more recently, a stunning A9 coupe. Even though both companies are owned by the Volkswagen Group, they wont be building two identical EVs. In an interview with Autocar, head of R&D at Porsche, Michael Steiner, said that while there could be some collaboration, Volkswagen is allowing each company to build its own EV platform with different characteristics. So how will each model differ?


Both cars will integrate batteries into the floor, but the Audis are set to use three electric motors, one in the front and two in the rear. Porsche, on the other hand, will only use two electric motors, one at each end. Steiner said that, "With the Mission E, we have a very sporty expression of an electric car," and that "Audi has opted for the high-volume segment." From this information we can infer that the Audi EV will probably be the better everyday car while the Porsche will be more focused on being a sports car. We think it's a smart decision to build two different EVs with different purposes in mind. Tesla will soon find itself facing some stiff German competition.


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