Porsche Brought The Best Bits Of Nurburgring And Laguna Seca To Atlanta

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Porsche's Atlanta Experience Center's West Track features the Corkscrew and Karussell, and you can drive it now.

Porsche North America has officially opened a second driver development test track at its Experience Center in Atlanta, with a circuit that takes inspiration from some of the world's most iconic raceways, including the Nurburgring, Laguna Seca, and Daytona.

The new West Track, as it is called, was created by Tilke Engineers and Architects and forms part of a $50 million investment into developing the Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) headquarters campus. Double the length of the existing course, the Handling Circuit measures 1.3 miles long and includes elements such as the Nurburgring's Karussell, the Corkscrew from Laguna Seca, and the Bus Stop from Daytona.

The track opened over the weekend on April 1, with PCNA CEO Kjell Gruner expressing his joy at the new development. "This is a special moment for all of us. I've driven the new West Track and it's awesome! It adds a new dimension to our sports car experience.


"I'm proud to be opening the new site, welcoming our guests, and - once more - to be investing in the Atlanta area as we celebrate our 25th year in the city," added Gruner.

Elsewhere, guests can also put their driving skills to the test on the 196-foot Low-Friction Circle. With different levels of grip and polish, the test can be made wet, all while promoting oversteer and understeer.

The Ice Hill, described as a "highly polished concrete surface", has water jets and an 8% slope, making it a tricky exercise to conquer. Lastly, an Autocross section can be set up to host a series of tests, including slaloms, acceleration and braking zones, and more. This, says Porsche, will help guests improve their skills and driving technique.


Another new addition comes in the form of the new solar panel setup that will help charge the Porsche Experience Center's fleet of Taycan electric vehicles. The solar array forms part of a "microgrid" that will send power to the headquarters campus.

Porsche says bookings are open if you're keen on experiencing the new circuit. Aside from thrilling on-track time, many amenities and attractions are also available. Aside from a retail store, guests can fill their tanks at high-end dining outlets such as the Carrera Cafe or Restaurant 356. Curated vehicles are also displayed, giving visitors plenty to do during their stay.

Since opening in 2015, the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta has been massively successful. In eight years, more than 400,000 guests have trundled through the gates. With the addition of the new track, we only expect it to grow from strength to strength.


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