Porsche Boxster by TechArt to Debut in Essen


TechArt has released a preview of its individualization package for the new Porsche Boxster.

Porsche launched the third generation of the Boxster at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Sporting the German brand's new design language, the mid-engined roadster anchors the German automaker's lineup sitting below the all-new 911 and upcoming 918 Spyder. Simply not content to leave things as they are with the new Boxster, TechArt has released the first images of its new individualization program for the little sports car.

We have seen TechArt's individualization program already on the new 991-generation 911, and the 981 Boxster's program follows a similar path. As could be expected, individual customers can have their choice of an array of options and tweaks for the new Boxster. Starting with the roadster's new shoes, customers will be able to choose between two sets of lightweight TechArt wheels: 21-inch five-spoke Formula light alloys or dynamic double-spoke Formula III forged wheels. Designed for optimized agility and handling, the alloys weigh 40 percent less than their stock counterparts, helping cut down on the unsprung weight that can hamper handling dynamics.

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Those are mounted to a sport spring kit which lowers the Boxster by 30 mm in the front and 20 mm at the rear, a new exhaust system with twin stainless-steel tailpipes and valve control, along with a host of exterior color options for even more customization. TechArt's work on the 2012 Boxster's interior also entails a plethora of customizable options. These include a full leather cockpit available in a variety of colors, carbon fiber packages, paddle shifters, several steering wheel choices and more. The full range of customization options will debut in December at the Essen Motor Show.