Porsche Boxster gets Lambo-Style Doors in China

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Another quality tuning job from our good friends in China.

Over the weekend in Beijing, locals were treated to a veritable collection of customized cars and pretty young ladies at the 17th Beijing Automotive Trade Fair (not to be confused with the 2012 Beijing Auto Show happening later this month). The four-day event is essentially a dealer show for customizing clubs from around the capital sexed up with plenty of babes. One of the stand-out vehicles on display at the show was this mustard yellow 2001 Porsche Boxster with Lamoborghini-like scissor doors.

The conversion was apparently done by a local tuning firm, and the car was on sale for a cool 1.28 million Yuan, so a tad over $200,000. Even with those funky doors and a 3.4-liter under the hood that's crazy money for a poor-man's 911.

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Source Credits: www.carnewschina.com

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