Porsche Boxster Owner Keeps On Driving After Wrecking His Car

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It was most likely a hair-related emergency.

We appreciate dedication in this office. Without the commitment and drive of specific individuals, ridiculous but lovable cars like the Ram 1500 TRX and Wrangler 392 would never exist.

Sometimes, however, dedication can go a bit too far. A man recently proved this by wrecking his Porsche Boxster S and continuing his journey as if nothing had happened.

According to the Surrey Police in the UK, the driver had alcohol in his system but was under the legal limit. The driver revealed that he crashed the car on the M25 in Kent, but he was pulled over near Cobham. That's a distance of roughly 50 miles.

According to the Surrey Police, the driver was the only person involved in the crash. That's likely why he thought it was okay to continue the journey despite the sad state of the car. It's definitely a write-off, as Porsches are notoriously expensive to repair.

2005-2007 Porsche Boxster Rear Angle View Porsche

From the image, it appears as if he tried to somehow put the rear bumper in the trunk of the Boxster. Even with the roof up, the Boxster has roughly enough space for a briefcase, so it will never work. As you can see, only a tiny portion of the bumper managed to firt, while the rest was dragged behind the car.

While the car still worked after the crash, it's important to note that the rear lights are destroyed. That means the owner drove on a freeway with no brake lights or indicators.

We're pretty surprised the engine still worked, given its location. Those rear crumple zones deserve an MVP award. Here's a prime example if you ever wondered why crash testing and rating are essential.

2005-2007 Porsche Boxster Front View Driving Porsche
2005-2007 Porsche Boxster Front Angle View Porsche

The Surrey Police disagreed with the owner regarding the car's suitability for driving. It was immediately removed from the road, and the owner was charged with operating a vehicle in a dangerous condition. The police left him on the side of the road to make alternative arrangements.

Luckily, this previous-generation Porsche Boxster is no significant loss. In the UK, you can get a decent previous-gen Boxster for around $10,000. In terms of screwing up, it's nowhere near as bad as the recent one-off Pagani Huayra Pearl crash, or that time a Corvette C8 owner totaled his car one day before selling it.

2005-2007 Porsche Boxster Front-End View Porsche
2005-2007 Porsche Boxster Side View Porsche
2005-2007 Porsche Boxster Lateral View Porsche

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2005-2007 Porsche Boxster Front-End View
2005-2007 Porsche Boxster Side View
2005-2007 Porsche Boxster Lateral View
2005-2007 Porsche Boxster Front View Driving

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