Porsche Brought This Stunning Fan Project To Life

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Not many people can put 'Porsche endorsed my racing car concept' on their resume, can they?

Longer term readers may recall the Porsche 908-04 Vision Gran Turismo fan project we highlighted just over a year ago. Created by members of Chinese car company Chery's design team in their spare time, this small scale project blew us away when we first saw clapped eyes on it. As with similar projects, we expected that to be the end of the story. That is, until it was revealed that Porsche was very keen on taking the design study to its next logical step.

As a testament to just how impressed Porsche was with the 908-04 project, the German carmaker got in touch with the team behind the racing concept in mid-2016 about the possibility of assisting the team further with its undertaking. Fast forward a year or so, and the end result is the completed 908-04 Concept you see here. Better still, Porsche went that one step further by building a physical mock-up of the car - complete with an interior that, when Porsche first contacted the Shanghai-based designers, was still a way off from being finalized. When Porsche builds a third party's concept car for them, you know the designers behind it have some serious talent and skill.

Sadly, unless Polyphony Digital puts this Vision Gran Turismo fan creation in a Gran Turismo game, this is likely where the 908-04 Concept's story will end. But what a journey this vehicle and the designers who created it have been on, from an out-of-hours hobby to a Porsche-endorsed physical creation.

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