Porsche Building A 993 911 Turbo Restomod To Celebrate 70th Anniversary

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Yet another way to celebrate seven decades.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary for anything ought to be a big deal, and Porsche understands this entirely. Aside from having an incredible display last month at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (where it revealed its latest 911 Speedster concept) and various other occasions, Porsche has announced it’s currently preparing something it calls “Project Gold.” The only clues about its identity come from the following video, and it’s pretty easy to get a visual idea. Project Gold appears to be the name of a restomod 993 generation 911 Turbo. With that bit of information, the following can be confirmed: it’s a classic-bodied 911.

The 993 911 was the final generation with the classic body before the arrival of the 996. Private firms, most famously Singer Vehicle Design, also build restomod classic-bodied 911 (in this case the 964 generation). Some have regarded these “reimagined 911s by Singer” as the ultimate 911s, and chances are that doesn’t sit too well with Porsche itself, hence Project Gold.

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We’ll be receiving more updates about the restomod ahead of its September 27 unveiling at the Porsche Rennsport Reunion at Laguna Seca in California. For now, we do know the car will feature gold accents throughout. The wheels, which will be painted black, will also feature gold accents. Black and gold will be the general interior theme as well. We’ll bring you updates the moment Porsche sends some our way.