Porsche Building Authoritarian V12 for Putin's Limo

800 horsepower fit for a president.

Aswe reported several months ago, Russianpresident-turned-prime-minister-turned-president-again, Vladimir Putin, is inthe midst of carrying out a project of utmost national importance: craftinghimself a new limo. And while numerous Western companies have been spawning financial relations with Russia due its role in theUkrainian conflict, Porsche Engineering has been taking part in this automotiveProject Cortege, developed by several Russian automakers with the German firm'soversight.

Accordingto a recent report, Porsche is now in the midst of developing a special enginefor Putin's limo, a turbocharged V12 unit that will make approximately 800horsepower with a displacement of 6.0 or 6.5 liters. The motorcade project willalso reportedly include a minivan and SUV, though it isn't clear if these willbenefit from the same engine.

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