Porsche Carrera GT is Autocar's Hero

There was a time when supercars came with a naturally-aspirated engines and manual transmissions. The Porsche Carrera GT was one of those.

Supercar manufacturers regularly produce mind-blowing performance machines, but every so often, even they go beyond their already-stratospheric norm with something out of this world. Ferrari's done so with vehicles like the F40 and Enzo, and Porsche knows this territory very well, too. There was the 959 and there's the new 918, but in between came the Carrera GT. Revealed back in 2004, the Carrera GT placed a 5.7-liter V10 right in the middle of a roadster that looked like a Boxster on steroids.

The 918's performance may eclipse the Carrera GT, but the older supercar will remain a favorite for its old-school drivetrain that utilized a six-speed manual and rear-drive where newer supercars are going hybrid, dual-clutch and all-wheel-drive. Autocar takes us back by eight years to revisit one of the most focused driving machines Porsche has ever made.

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