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Porsche Cayenne Coupe Gets An Exclusive Touch

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The sky's the limit when setting up a new Porsche.

Ordering up a new Porsche? Deciding on which model will be the least of your choices. Each one the German automaker offers can be had in numerous body-styles and in an array of powertrain specifications. Just look at the Cayenne, which is now available in both standard and "coupe" forms. And even the latter, just revealed a few months ago, is already available with a choice of three engine options.

But that's still not the end of it. Even after you've settled on the model and spec, you'll still have a nearly endless array of options to choose from.

And then you have a few hundred more from the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, which decked out this Cayenne Coupe to showcase just a few of the options.

The slant-backed crossover is decked out in the flat light grey shade that Porsche calls Chalk or Crayon (depending on the market), with color-keyed lower bumper trim. It's also sporting carbon-fiber mirror caps, blacked-out (or carbon-trimmed) door handles (hard to tell from the photos), and a unique set of five-spoke alloys in gloss black with contrasting diamond-polished fascias. The taillight strip is tinted, and there's more going on inside, too.

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This Cayenne Coupe's interior is upholstered in black leather with contrasting white inserts in the seats and red top stitching, seatbelts, and dashboard-mounted clock face. There's more carbon-fiber trim inside on the steering rim and dashboard as well, and it's all headlined by what looks like an Alcantara roofliner, extending around the panoramic moonroof and down the pillars.

You may like what you see or not. The point is that the Cayenne Coupe, like any other Porsche, is but a blank canvas, and the Exclusive Manufaktur stands ready to paint it and deck it out any which way you like.