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Porsche Cayenne Coupe Getting Lamborghini Power?

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Please let this rumor be true.

Porsche didn't decide to build a Cayenne Coupe just because it could, but rather to fill a void the regular Cayenne cannot. What are we referring to, specifically? Ultra-high performance. Yes, the Cayenne Turbo and Cayenne Coupe Turbo have over 500 hp, but the latter also offers Porsche the chance to go even wilder. According to Motor Trend scribe Jonny Lieberman, via Instagram, Porsche is reportedly working on a GT version of the Cayenne Coupe. What does that mean?

The same people who developed and built the likes of the 911 GT3, 911R, Speedster, GT2 RS, etc. are being put in charge. Lieberman claims he has a source, who rightly prefers to be nameless, with direct knowledge of Porsche's plans.

The Porsche Motorsports teams responsible for the aforementioned extreme 911s also built a certain other engine: the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 found in the Lamborghini Urus. Does this mean the order has been given to stuff that 641-hp V8 into the Cayenne Coupe? It's sure sounding like that. Plus, both the Cayenne and Urus have a common platform as both fall under the VW Group umbrella. Adapting that V8 for the Cayenne Coupe is probably not a very hard task.

Other details regarding the Cayenne Coupe GT (a name change is possible, though another Instagram user claims Porsche has trademarked the name "GT5") remain unknown, but it'll be fascinating to see what the Weissach team cooks up. After all, they did a marvelous job with those 911s and now they're being told to do the same to an SUV.

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Now, other Porsche fans, specifically those who have a thing for the Panamera, may have been hoping for a Panamera GT, complete with this specific V8. Two words: not happening. Demand these days is for high-revving and all-powerful luxury SUVs. Welcome to 2019. We'll keep you posted with any further updates, but we wouldn't be surprised to see Porsche reveal something interesting in this realm this coming September at Frankfurt.