Porsche Cayenne Facelift Strips Down To Reveal Production Bumpers

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The Cayenne Hybrid looks to be almost ready for production.

Over the last few months, Porsche has been detailing the history of the Cayenne SUV, revealing that the vehicle was almost a minivan. In fact, there was almost a convertible version too, but thankfully, the Cayenne arrived as a controversially styled but not hideous SUV with traditional proportions. As it has evolved, it has become much more attractive. The newest iteration of the SUV is set to continue that trend with a sleeker design that reinforces the Cayenne's relation to the Macan and the Taycan EV.

We've caught the facelifted Cayenne testing on numerous occasions before, and now our photographers have provided a look at prototypes that no longer feature unpainted bumpers that won't make production.

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The model you see above is the Turbo S E-Hybrid, and the changes to the new model's front bumper are very subtle. The front side grilles have been only slightly refined, but the main center grille is now in line with these side intakes on the top plane, which enhances the effect of visual width and makes the fascia look less cluttered. The lower side intake grilles appear slightly thicker, too, while the lower central grille looks to have slimmed down slightly. Only the most obsessive Porsche fundi will notice these changes, but that's okay because the other changes to the front are more obvious.

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The headlights will lose their typical teardrop shape and will instead be presented with a more squared design that calls to mind the aforementioned Macan and Taycan. Will the 911 one day try to depart from its round headlight design again, as it did with the 996 generation? It's unclear if Porsche is brave enough to try such a thing, but there's no doubt that this fresh new face works a treat on the Cayenne, and we look forward to seeing these elements in detail once all the camouflage comes off.

Speaking of camouflage, the rear taillights are still covered in black tape with little rectangle cutouts, so we can't theorize too much about the state of the rear end's updated design. However, with the loss of larger notches on each end, these will certainly be slimming down so that the entire rear fixture looks like one long light bar.

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While we're on the subject of the rear end, our spy photographers also caught some images of the updated Cayenne Turbo GT's rear end. As on the current model, this vehicle gets a unique roof spoiler and a lower spoiler integrated into an electronically-deployable rear wing. The central layout of two oval exhaust tips also carries over. While it's certainly possible that Porsche wants to mount a greater challenge to the likes of the new Lamborghini Urus Performante and the Aston Martin DBX707, we're trying not to get too excited as this could be little more than a styling update. Whatever the truth of the matter, all is expected to be revealed before the end of this year.

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