Porsche Cayenne Progressor by JE Design

JE Design gives the Cayenne some fresh style and added performance.

The Porsche Cayenne is a favorite amongst tuners and JE Design has is the latest to join the fray with its own aftermarket program for the hot-selling German SUV. The tuner's project adds some serious power and style to the current generation model sure to please prospective clients. Dubbed the Cayenne Progressor, the custom SUV features big quad tailpipes, sports exhaust and ECU revamp for some big power gains for both gasoline and diesel versions.

The Cayenne Turbo with all the accoutrements can bang out 610 horsepower, up from the standard's (ahem) "paltry" 500 hp. In terms of styling, JE Design has given the Cayenne a new front skirt, ventilated hood, bigger side skirts, wider fenders and a rear skirt with integrated diffuser. A revised iPhone app-controlled air suspension system gives the SUV a tighter ride and lowered stance, fitted with either black or silver-finish 22-inch Scorpio wheels. JE Design has yet to release official pricing for all of the upgrades, but we highly suspect they won't come cheap.

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Porsche Cayenne SUV
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