Porsche Cayman GTS Is What The Cayman Should Always Have Been


Has the younger sibling finally outshone its big brother?

When the original Cayman first launched in 2006, many people believed that Porsche was deliberately holding it back. In theory, a smaller, more nimble, mid-engined sports coupe could be better than the iconic (and rear-engined) 911. But the latter was and remains Porsche's signature model. There'd be no way the folks at Stuttgart could allow the Cayman to be superior. When the second gen Cayman came out in 2012, it was again clear that Porsche wouldn't allow it to outshine the 911.

But if given more power, proper suspension tuning and other modifications, could the 911 finally meet its match? Well, now there's the Cayman GTS, and it may just be better than a base 911. Motor Trend gets behind the wheel to find out if that's true.

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