Porsche Celebrates 70th Birthday By Making Its Own Wine


A special occasion requires a special wine.

Drinking and driving don't mix. But wine and Porsche have with the launch of the Cuvée 356. Named for (and celebrating the anniversary) of the Porsche 356, the wine is a blend in the grand cuvée style. It's made up of 65 percent pinot blanc, 18 percent chardonnay, 12 percent sauvignon blanc, and 5 percent pinot gris. It comes from the Syteria (with a T) region of Austria, the same country where the Porsche family is from and where the 356 was born in 1948. The wine is the work of one Armin Tement, a top-rated master blender.

Tement's Ried Zierregg 2015 sauvignon blanc was awarded 97/100 by leading authority Robert Parker. And for this creation, he worked with wine importer Alexander Baron von Essen, Porsche ambassador Walter Röhrl, Porsche vice president Josef Arweck, and Holger Schramm (sommelier at the automaker's Christophorus restaurant in Stuttgart).

The fruit of their labors was served earlier this month as part of the anniversary celebration at the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen, and is now available in the gift shop. If you live in Germany, you can even have them delivered for €19.50 per bottle. (You'll have to order a minimum case and a half of 18 bottles, though, and shipping is included for any order of 36 bottles or more.) This isn't the first time we've seen Porsche delve into consumables, either. The automaker keeps bees at its factory in Leipzig, and sells the honey they make in the gift shop there as well. If the wine is more up your alley, though, BMW tuner Alpina has a whole side-business dealing in the finest of aged grape juice.

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