Porsche CEO Promises the Next Panamera Won't be Ugly

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Then again, beauty is within the eye of the beholder.

Here's the thing about the Porsche Panamera: it's an either you love it or you hate it deal, design wise. Yes, it's distinctive looking and there's nothing else quite like it, but on the other hand some see it as ugly. Over the years we've come to appreciate the Panamera's styling but even Porsche admits changes are needed. Those will be addressed when the second-generation Panamera arrives in 2016. As recent spy photos have shown, the overall look of the new fastback sedan is more rounded and refined than the existing car.


Even Porsche CEO, Matthias Muller, admits the Panamera needs styling improvements: "There have been some mistakes, but we will do it better. For example, the design could be better, as well as the interior." Muller also reiterated the 2016 Panamera will be lighter and more efficient than it is now while at the same time improving performance. Porsche design chief Michael Mauer, who penned both the original and the upcoming car, further added that "the next generation could always be better and should always be better. It's been almost 10 years, so I think I would be in the wrong job if I would say that is the best car ever, you can do better." We'll have our answer in the next year or so.

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