Porsche CEO Provides Details About Future Lineup

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Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller recently sat down with Automotive News to discuss some details of his company's upcoming product strategy. Although this strategy won't be verified until March at the earliest, Mueller stated that "we have a good opportunity to get new products to increase volume and revenue." This makes sense considering Porsche has just green lit the upcoming Cajun small SUV for production.

Mueller added they were also "analyzing our chances in different segments." We've known that Porsche would like to sell some 200,000 units annually by 2018, so the Cajun will play a large role in accomplishing that goal. It will also be the first Porsche by Audi A5 designer Walter de'Silva. It will not be produced in China as had been rumored. In addition to the Cajun, Mueller also wants an entry-level roadster that'll serve as a modern interpretation of the 550 Spyder. It'll be priced below the Boxster and will likely use numerous components from the upcoming next-generation Golf.

It'll be powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder with around 360 hp in Turbo trim. Other possible models are a Cayman Targa and even a Panamera Coupe/Convertible (seriously). In the more immediate future, we'll be seeing a redesigned Boxster, Cayman, and 911 along with the all-new 918 Spyder.

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