Porsche Civil War: Boxster GTS Vs Cayman GTS

Which is the better driver's car?

Ever wondered how Porsche came up with the "GTS" name? To be honest, we never gave much thought to this question, but the answer is rather interesting. It actually dates back several decades. But before you learn about that, the guys over at XCAR have managed to bring together two of the latest, and perhaps the very best, all-around two-seat sports cars on the market today: the Boxster GTS and the Cayman GTS.

Yes, they are literally the exact same car, with the exception being one is a roadster and the other a coupe. However, there are other differences that only happen when the roof is removed. But does that fact alone make the Boxster GTS any less of a driver’s car than the Cayman GTS? Check out the video ahead to find out.

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