Porsche Continues Support Of Classics With New Security System

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Porsche keeps making it easier to own a classic car.

Porsche is extremely dedicated to keeping its classic models in tip-top condition. With the current rise in classic Porsche prices, now may be a better time than ever to buy an older Porsche model. Porsche has even catered to this market by offering period-correct tires with modern technology. This eliminates the need to order custom tires, or use modern tires that don't fit the look of the car. Porsche has also created a navigation system that doesn't look out of place on the dashboard of an older car, thus making the car easier to live with.

Now Porsche has just revealed its latest breakthrough to improve classic car ownership. It's called the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System, a GPS-based anti-theft system that can be installed on any Porsche model from the 356 all the way up to the Carrera GT. Classic cars don't have the same security systems as modern cars, making them more susceptible to theft. This new system is designed to fit discretely on various points on the vehicle. The system will sound an alarm if it detects that the vehicle is being stolen and will send an alert to the customer and a security center if the battery is disconnected.

If the owner then confirms that the alert was unauthorized, the police will be notified and the GPS sensor will show the location and direction of the car. This system can even remotely prevent the engine from being started in the event of theft. Unfortunately, this system won't be available outside of Europe, and is set to go on sale starting next spring. The system can be purchased and installed at Porsche Classic Partners and Porsche Centers across Europe and simply plugs into the car's 12-volt system. Since the 356 uses a 6-volt system, it will require a special converter that Porsche provides. The system can let owners see where their car is in real time and even deactivate certain car features.

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For example, if the car is going in for maintenance or being moved on a truck, the alarm can be deactivated. We enjoy seeing Porsche's commitment to keeping classic cars on the road and we hope that the company keeps finding new ways to make classic car ownership easier.


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