Porsche Creates Weather for Carrera 4

With the latest 911, Porsche has demonstrated its engineers can do quite a lot. But changing the weather?

Most videographers filming a car would make the most of whatever weather conditions they're faced with and produce the best footage they can under the circumstances. But not Porsche. To highlight the versatility of its new 911 Carrera 4 (along with the 4S and convertible versions), Porsche actually created different weather environments. The process involved some 5 million individual autumnal leaves, 38,000 cubic feet of artificial snow, 2,600 gallons of artificial rain and 650 cubic meters of man-made fog.

Filming over the course of six days, the Porsche video crew also used two helicopters and a Mercedes M-Class film rig (which we'd guess was already so equipped or Porsche would have used a Cayenne). The production probably cost Porsche more than a garage full of 911s, but what's the alternative - projecting the weather onto a Carrera 4 standing still?

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