Porsche Denies Plans to Produce Panamera EV/Tesla Model S Fighter

Instead it'll stick with improving plug-in hybrid technologies.

We’ve heard rumors over the past several months regarding the possibility of a pure EV variant of the next generation Porsche Panamera. Due to arrive for the 2016 model year, we already know the second-gen Panamera will be built on an all-new platform with plenty of weight-saving components such as magnesium, multi-phase steels, and aluminum body panels. Another interesting development is the possibility of a Panamera EV to take on the Tesla Model S.

Not so long ago, it became known that large, premium, and sporty cars like the Panamera had lost some ground to the Model S, which offers solid performance as well. But in a recent Autocar interview with Porsche development chief Wolfgang Hatz confirmed, for the time being at least, there won't be an all-electric Panamera. “We are a sports car firm, and that brings with it certain expectations," Hatz explained. "A Tesla is a fine car, but you cannot drive it enthusiastically without losing range or performance too quickly. Until the technology offers a solution to those problems, we will not be looking at launching such a car." Instead, Hatz said his firm is leading the way with plug-in hybrid technologies.

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