Porsche Developing Bespoke Charging Network To Accompany Electric 718

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But at least the 911 isn't going fully electric.

The Porsche Taycan is an unprecedented success for the Zuffenhausen-based brand. The all-electric sports sedan has proven massively popular, with consistently strong sales. As the auto industry pivots toward sustainability, the German carmaker is ensuring it adapts with the times. As such, a battery-powered Macan is on the way. While the 911 remains unaffected by new trends, Porsche's 718 lineup will also be electrified - and sooner than you may think.

Speaking at a company press conference, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume acknowledged the Taycan's sales, noting it has doubled in the past year, to 41,296 units sold. Building on this success is a clever business decision. "We are stepping up our electric offensive with another model: By the middle of the decade, we want to offer our mid-engine 718 sports car exclusively in an all-electric form," he said. There's clearly a demand; 40% of all Porsches sold in Europe last year were either fully electric or plug-in hybrids.


This drive to create electric vehicles is part of the wider plan to become carbon-neutral by 2030. The brand is expecting half of all Porsche sales to be made up of electric vehicles by 2025, with Blume adding, "In 2030, the share of all new vehicles with an all-electric drive should be more than 80 percent." While consumers are all too pleased to drive an electrified Macan or Taycan, a battery-powered 718 Boxster Spyder will be a different story.

Part of the joy of driving a Boxster or Cayman 718 comes from rowing your own gears and the gorgeous, linear response of the lively engines. While we understand that Porsche has no choice, the company will have to ensure it doesn't alienate customers by not matching or surpassing the driving experience the current generation affords. It will, at least, be dramatically styled: Porsche has said its Mission R racer is a glimpse into what the next model will look like.

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Like Tesla has done with its Supercharger network, Porsche is aiming in creating its very own charging infrastructure. Working together with key partners, the brand is also investing in what it calls "premium charging stations." This will undoubtedly appease Porsche EV drivers who aren't too pleased about charging in unremarkable locations. Here, Porsche owners and their passengers will be privy to high-class amenities such as coffee and working environments, bringing a new level of comfort and luxury to the charging experience.

Further extensive investments are flowing into core technologies such as battery systems and module production. In the newly founded Cellforce Group, high-performance battery cells are being developed and produced that are expected to be ready for series production by 2024.


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