Porsche Dismisses Autonomous Vehicles While Taking A Shot At Apple


Porsche thinking of purists once again.

Porsche purists may not like the way the company is going, what with turbochargers and hybrids about to rule the roost, but the fact is the company still has drivers in mind. It recently reaffirmed its commitment to manual transmissions and now Porsche CEO Oliver Blume has come out swinging against autonomous cars. "One wants to drive a Porsche by oneself. An iPhone belongs in your pocket, not on the road." Blume made these comments in an interview with German newspaper Westfalen-Blatt.

Just because Porsche is against autonomous cars doesn't mean it's a technological dinosaur. The all-electric Mission E is headed to production and there will be heaps of hybrids in the years to come. Porsche has shown a willingness to expand its lineup in unconventional ways-see the four-door Panamera and its SUVs-but autonomous cars don't seem to be on the menu. That's good news for those who fear a future filled with self-driving cars. As for the Apple comment, well it is cool to see more automakers openly mocking such a smug company.

Michael Shaffer

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