Porsche Displays Everyday Life Through LeMans Lens

Porsche and Dempsey are teaming up to bring considerable marketing power to LeMans

The last time we wrote about Patrick Dempsey, he didn't get much love. Lets face it, this guy is a racing car driver at heart and also does it for his day job. We can imagine that he has the heard the "don't quit your day job" line once or twice. His latest Team Porsche commercial is a humorous and poignant look at how grueling the 24 Hours of LeMans would be if set in the ordinary day life of someone living in the sunny, quiet, French countryside.

He obviously loves being a part of the Porsche Team, as he can hardly keep from smiling throughout the entire shoot. For someone to have this much passion for cars when he could easily be making millions doing a far less dangerous line of work gets our props.

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