Porsche, Do You Really Need A Sub-Macan EV Model?


Yes, and here's why.

Imagine for a moment it’s the year 2021, just over five years from now. The Tesla Model 3 has successfully launched and is now being driven by millions of happy owners. Tesla is so thrilled with the sales numbers that it’s quickly bringing to market a small SUV/crossover version of the Model 3. It’s expected to be a home run hit as well. Coming back to present day, Porsche clearly seems to get where the automaker is heading and, according to a new report from Auto Bild, a sub-Macan SUV is in the works, and it could very well turn out to be an EV only.

Supposedly called "Majun" (for now), this future Porsche will likely have an awful lot in common with the also upcoming Audi Q4 and a so far unnamed Volkswagen EV crossover. The former, however, has been delayed until at least 2021 due to the fallout from Dieselgate. Could Porsche launch its own version of this crossover EV at or around the same time as Audi reveals theirs? Of course and each would have its own unique identity in terms of driving characteristics, styling, etc. The crossover market, especially compact crossovers, is booming at the moment with no signs of slowing down.

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That, combined with future and less expensive EVs such as the Model 3, is a fairly clear sign as to what Porsche has in mind for this mini-Macan. But please, Porsche, Majun is a pretty lame name. Come up with something better. You've got at least five years to do so.