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Porsche Doesn't See How Hybrids And Manuals Can Go Together

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And Porsche likely isn't alone.

People who buys Porsche 911s often don't like change, hence them clinging to those butt-engined sports cars. Thing is, Porsche itself has changed dramatically over the past two decades or so, specifically due to the launch of the Cayenne, Panamera and, most recently, the Macan. The 911 is now a minority, engine placement wise, in the lineup. And now Porsche is delving even deeper into the realm of hybrids, plug-in hybrids and, eventually, pure EVs. What does this mean for the future of manual transmissions in Porsches?

Road and Track recently chatted with Dr. Gernot Dolner, VP of the Panamera line, and the subject of manuals with hybrids happened to come up. Now, it's not like it's not possible to combine the two, as has already been done with the Honda CR-Z. However, Dr. Dolner made clear that hybrid Porsches exist, first and foremost, for efficiency. There's a reason why the new Cayenne and Panamera are equipped solely with automatic and PDK gearboxes, respectively. Looking ahead to a future 911 generation with a hybrid setup, especially high-performance variants such as the GT3, GT3 RS and GT2, equipping them with a PDK makes a lot of sense for efficiency, instead of improving lap times.

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A manual, and there's simply no way around this, is not as efficient as the PDK dual-clutch. If you want a new 911 equipped with a manual, now's the time. The clock is ticking. As for the 911's rear engine setup? That's perhaps the one thing that'll never change.