Porsche Driver Narrowly Avoids Wreck By Using Epic Skills On A Wet Track

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Those engines at the rear can be big trouble, especially on a wet track.

It's no secret that engineers at Porsche may as well be magicians given how well they have been able to build their cars to near perfection. Even the Porsche 911, a car with a mountain of a handicap (having an engine that hangs over the rear axle), manages to consistently rank among the best driver's cars on the market. Somehow, the 911's handling is so good that other big time automakers like BMW and Mercedes try to mimic it with competitors of their own.

However, there are other occasions when that rear engine placement comes back to bite both car and driver.

This is one such situation, and if it weren't for copious amounts of driver skill and luck, it's likely that this accident could have turned out a lot worse. Coming into a corner on a wet track, we see this driver begin to crank the wheel when suddenly, that heavy rear decides it wants to dance on the slick tarmac. While careening towards the wall, the driver lets out a "shiza" (German for "shit!") while counter steering as hard as he can. Once the car starts heading towards the over wall, most of the energy has been driven away, allowing for a calm coast to a stop. Remember kids, always be prepared to utilize some heroic reflexes on a wet race track, especially when driving a Porsche.

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