Porsche Drivers Can't Parallel Park

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Parallel parking can be a challenge even when you're driving a Porsche 911.

Parallel parking isn't really that hard. It just takes a bit of practice and patience. But there are still plenty of drivers out there, rich and poor, who have yet to master this technique. We do sympathize with those who get nervous when attempting to park on a city street and the thought of bumping into the front or rear bumper of two other cars isn't nice. One of those people is apparently Porsche factory driver Marc Lieb. He's an accomplished driver who won the 2006 Le Mans Series GT2 championship, amongst other noted victories.

And yet, he just can't seem to get parallel parking down. His frustration and supposed lack of skill are shown in this Porsche produced video. Yes, we get the point Porsche wants to make but how many times have you seen some rich dude or dudette not able to park their insanely expensive sports car? Too many times, we're sure.

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