Porsche Driving Experience Offered For The New 911

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Porsche is offering a course to help you get the most out of your new 911.

Sports car companies offering driving courses to coincide with new car launches is about the most logical thing we can think of, and we're genuinely surprised these companies don't hype them up more. The Porsche Driving Experience for the new 911 will include instruction on courses in both Finland and South Africa. Each of these will highlight different attributes and ability of the 991 generation of the iconic sports car's handling.

The Finland portion will obviously focus on winter driving, with a series of three increasingly difficult ice and snow-covered courses. The South Africa portion will focus on the twisty roads that lead from Cape Town through the inland game reserves along the Garden Route. We're not sure exactly what the accommodations will be, but we're sure that Porsche has found some nice places of lodging. They do warn that temperatures in Finland will get down to -30 C, so pack a coat.

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