Porsche Entering F1 After Reportedly Buying 50% Of Red Bull Team

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Documents show Porsche is coming into F1 strong with 50% ownership.

Recently uncovered Moroccan documents show that Porsche is going to shake up Formula 1 with a massive 50% buy-in at Red Bull F1. As of now, formal proceedings are underway, and we expect a press release or announcement from Porsche that it's officially entering F1 on August 4. One of the largest hurdles Porsche needed to overcome (and much of the reason for the delay) was a go-ahead from anti-cartel authorities around the world to ensure nothing nefarious would come of a Porsche/Red Bull alliance.

Strange as that may sound, the applications needed to be filed in more than 20 countries in addition to the European Union. This is where the Moroccan document surfaced. These are a necessity when two companies of this size come together. Make no mistake, the partnership of these two companies, especially ahead of Porsche's IPO, will rock boats, and hopefully grids.

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The Moroccan government has legislation that stipulates that applications like the ones discussed above must be published once approved. As of now, they have, and we've seen the document (in French) for ourselves. Regardless, the process to get the green light in Morocco required Porsche and Red Bull to reveal new details of the merger.

The document shows that Porsche will be joining Red Bull Racing for a 10-year partnership, including the 50% stake in the team's F1 ops as we discussed above. The document also revealed to us the August 4 announcement date, so put it in your calendar for our follow-up.

Motorsport.com understands that the partnership will not just be shown in stickers on Max Verstappen's car, or on a surely upcoming Red Bull Porsche 911 special edition to commemorate the F1 partnership (we're calling that to happen first). The partnership will also include Red Bull's separate F1 business entity.

The original plan was an announcement at Red Bull's home track of the Red Bull Ring in Austria this year, but the FIA World Motor Sport Council didn't approve the sport's new engine regulations for 2026. Finalized engine regs were in fact a prerequisite for Porsche's hat being thrown into the F1 ring.

In all likelihood, Alpha Tauri, Red Bull's "feeder team" will be joining the Porsche ranks, keeping the brand's young driver team and structuring intact. That said, it is understood that Alpha Tauri will remain a 100% Red Bull entity. Porsche's ex-CEO and now VW Group head Oliver Blume was a massive force in constructing the deal, as he is reportedly one of the champions for the all-but-confirmed Porsche Formula 1 team.

Source Credits: motorsport.com

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