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Porsche Exclusive Takes 992 911 To New Heights

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The options can add up quickly

Porsche has only revealed a few versions of the new 911 so far: namely the Carrera S and Carrera 4S, in both coupe and convertible body-styles – a drop in the bucket compared to the proliferation of variants you can bet will follow. So you might think it'd be fairly easy to order one. But the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur division is here to tell you otherwise.

As with the updated Macan and the Panamera GTS we brought you recently (and the rest of the company's lineup), Zuffenhausen's personalization division offers an extensive range of customization options for the new 992-generation sports car.

Pictured here is just one such configuration, and it's not a bad place to start. This Carrera 4S coupe is done up in a very pale shade of grey (barely darker than white) known as Chalk in North America, or Crayon in other markets. It's also riding on the optional Carrera Exclusive Design Wheels, offered from the Manufaktur catalog, measuring 20 inches up front and 21 at the back. The metal roof panel's been replaced with a sheet of carbon fiber in order to keep weight down and low. And inside it's been fitted with Lizard Green seat belts and Porsche crests in the headrests.

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The paint, wheels, and belts alone would add $6,440 to the US order sheet, bringing the total price up to $128,290 (delivered). But that barely scratches the surface of the extensive range of options on offer. Tick all the boxes and you could be looking at over $200,000 – nearly twice the $114,550 price of admission (including destination) for a "bare-bones" Carrera S, and much more than the $92,350 charged for the outgoing 911 Carrera. All of which just goes to show that when it comes to Porsches, the base price is really just a point of departure.