Porsche Experience Center Lets You Drive The Nurburgring In LA


If you want to build an experience centre, take notes from Porsche.

Yeah, that's right, Nurburgring in LA. No, not the whole track, just the famous Nordschleife banked curve, oh and the Karussell too. When Porsche sets out to create an amazing experience, they set the bar on how to do things. Those are just two interesting sections of the brand new test track built on the expansive 53-acre premises of the new Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles, a $60 million dollar investment by the automaker. This follows the $100 million dollar center opened in Atlanta in May 2015.

This is a significant milestone for Porsche, as we further expand our presence in the United States," said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. "Our decision to open a second Experience Center in North America underscores our commitment to the largest sports car market worldwide." This is because the state of California is a huge market for Porsche, accounting for 23 percent of Porsche cars sold in the US. Last year, PCNA handed 51,756 Porsches to customers, and 12,016 of those were in California. Visitors to the center can experience 90-minute stints on the driver development track in Porsches with an instructor, well, instructing. There's more too for an all-round visit.

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There are eight training modules that include two handling circuits, an ice hill, an off-road course, a dynamics area, a launch control and acceleration straight, a low friction handling circuit, a low friction circle, and hydraulic kick-plate. Guests can also reserve meeting space, view historic Porsche racecars and dine at Restaurant 917. PEC LA is also now home to Porsche Motorsport North America, the only authorized service provider in the US and Canada for all purpose-built Porsche racecars. In Atlanta, the PEC had 36,000 visitors in its first year of business, and the LA complex is expected to exceed that with an expected 50,000 guests each year. PEC LA has just been added to our bucket list.