Porsche Explains Every 911 Variant In Less Than Five Minutes

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Does the 911 lineup confuse you? Well, let Porsche explain.

A little while ago, we decided to tackle one of the most difficult tasks that automotive enthusiasts can take on - explaining the Porsche 911 lineup. Porsche currently sells 24 variations of the 911, so keeping them all in order can be a bit tricky. Even Porsche itself admits there may be some people who simply don't know which 911 is which.

That's why the company has decided to post a clever explanation video, which details each of the 24 variations of the 911 in less than five minutes. If you've always been confused by the 911 lineup, this is the video for you.

The video is filmed like a story, detailing all of the 911 models from the base Carrera model up to the bonkers GT2 RS. All of the variants act as their own page in a book and we are introduced to a new 911 variant on each page, along with a short backstory.

The explanation begins with the base Carrera model, which was named after the famous Carrera Panamerican race in Mexico. It then goes into detail about the various 911 body styles and drivetrain options, including the convertible and all-wheel-drive models.

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After delving through the more "pedestrian" 911 model, the video moves on to the hardcore, race-inspired GT models. The GT3 was designed for race and road use, while the more hardcore GT3 RS is more track-focused. Finally, the GT2 RS acts as the most powerful and fastest 911 model, pushing the 911 platform to its absolute limit.

We thoroughly enjoyed Porsche's explanation of the 911 lineup. It may not be as detailed as ours but it does give viewers a quick and straightforward explanation of an otherwise complicated model lineup.

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