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Porsche Fans Will Want To Live Here

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New Porsche Center and Porsche Design Tower planned.

Porsche is putting up a new building in Stuttgart. No big surprise there, considering the facilities it already has in the German city that has long served as its home base. But this is one in which you'll actually be able to live.

To be located at a prominent junction in the north of the city, the complex will actually encompass two structures: a Porsche Design Tower (not unlike the one in Miami), and a new Porsche Center, complete with showroom, gallery, and workshops. And of course there'll be parking – 340 spots in a two-story underground lot.

Currently located opposite the company's museum, Stuttgart's Porsche Center is earmarked to relocate to the new facility by the end of 2021. But it's more the Tower that's caught our attention here.

The 300-foot-tall building ought to encompass some 27 floors with about two million square feet of floorspace for offices, residences, restaurants, and a hotel (to be operated by an as-yet-unnamed major international chain). Just what those residences will look like, we don't know at this early stage. But they'll likely be rather luxurious, and closely mirror the standards displayed at the Miami tower (pictured in the galleries below).

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Construction is set to begin in the months ahead, with the Center expected to take about two and a half years to finish. The adjoining Tower is expected to open a year later – around the same time that as the similar facility in Frankfurt.

"With this building project at the Pragsattel, we are creating a landmark for Porsche in our home city of Stuttgart," said Porsche exec Lutz Meschke. "With its height of around 90 metres, the Porsche Design Tower will be one of the tallest office and residential buildings in Stuttgart and will enrich the cityscape with its timeless architecture."