Porsche Finally Fixed Apple CarPlay's Annoying Flaw

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You shouldn't have to exit CarPlay to find basic functions.

Porsche is introducing further refinements to Apple CarPlay in a bid to make using touchscreens in cars less distracting and frustrating. Recognizing the growing importance of third-party software like CarPlay over native manufacturer systems - a view similar to Ford - the German marque has updated its My Porsche app software.

One of the latest updates includes the ability for users to easily modify cabin sound profiles, climate control settings, and ambient lighting right from the Apple CarPlay menus. This allows users to handle car features without having to exit CarPlay and navigate through the device's native functions, a convenient feature that can save users a few steps.

It follows in the footsteps of another CarPlay update that lets Taycan owners plan their charging via the CarPlay navigation instead of the car's native system.

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In addition, the latest update includes new "wellness modes" such as Relax, Warmup, and Refresh, which can be easily accessed and activated through CarPlay. Even better, the update incorporates Apple's Siri voice assistant feature, allowing users to modify settings effortlessly using voice commands.

This latest integration builds upon Porsche's previous commitment to enhancing the CarPlay experience. In a May update that went hand-in-hand with the Apple iOS 17 changes, Porsche added support for locating electric vehicle chargers through the native Apple Maps software specifically for the Taycan. With the latest update, users can now easily check vital information about their vehicle, such as the state of charge, expected traffic conditions, and average speed, directly through Apple Maps.

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To access the latest feature, Porsche owners can easily use the QR code found in the Porsche Communication Manager (PCM). The upgraded software is presently free for the Cayenne. Porsche promises to introduce the new version to other models in the future, providing an enhanced experience for a broader range of customers. The new Cayenne SUV debuted earlier this year, with lots of (expensive) options to choose from.

"We are excited to further improve the My Porsche App and using the capabilities of Apple CarPlay to deliver a truly enhanced customer experience," says Mattias Ulbrich, CEO of Porsche Digital and CIO. "Technology and digitization are crucial factors for the enduring fascination of our brand - now and in the next 75 years."

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